Puente del Ea’s Barrel Club was created to reward our most loyal customers, offering them the chance to buy our best wines at special prices.

At Puente del Ea, we want you to be able to enjoy Julien Viaud’s wines in an exclusive and personalised way. This is why we are offering you an early sale in this space: top-quality wines that you can access in premiere, i.e. you can buy the wine before it is released on the market, while it is still maturing, at a lower price than it will have later.

Coraz de Puente del Ea 2020 is a limited edition of 12,700 bottles, made with grapes from the unique Corazabe region, an area very close to Sajazarra, full of hills and old vines. From its Tempranillo plots we obtain a wine of great definition and liveliness that expresses the landscape at the foot of the mountain range.

Barrica - Puente del Ea
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