The land, the landscape and nature have been the sources of inspiration for the new Puente del Ea range. A new identity that, with its beautiful illustrations, transports us to the purest essence of Rioja Alta.

The white Obar, born on the slopes of the Obarenes Mountains. The red Saiaz, a clear exponent of the best Tempranillo grapes from the village of Sajazarra; together with its namesake, the Saiaz rosé, a variety that speaks of the native fruit of the region.

The plot wine Coraz, from the unique site traditionally known as Corazabe, and the limited edition Coraz Finca la Esclavitud, an exceptional wine born in the shelter of an historic hermitage.
All of them are presented to the world with labels that symbolise the diverse and well-preserved flora and fauna that surrounds the winery.

As a tribute to the mountain range that protects our vines from the northern climate (the majestic Obarenes Mountains), Obar de Puente del Ea was born. A white wine made with Viura, a traditional variety of Rioja Alta, full of liveliness, structure and depth, with a mineral soul that gives it freshness.

On the white vines that decorate the label, a partridge, an indigenous bird that soars through the skies but is also deeply rooted in the land and symbolises the wild fauna of the area, poses calmly and majestically on the vines.

Saiaz is a tribute to Sajazarra, a village with a great winemaking tradition and considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. Located in the Haro region, at the confluence of the Aguanal and Ea rivers, it is surrounded by a vast landscape of vineyards interspersed with buildings of great architectural and cultural value.

Made from the single variety Tempranillo, it expresses the identity and terroir of the area. The native hare that appears in its image represents its lively, energetic and vibrant character.

This single-varietal Garnacha from the old vines of Alto Najerilla is called Saiaz, after the beautiful village where our winery is located, Sajazarra. It is a beautiful village surrounded by nature, an imposing setting over which the birds of the area flap their wings.

Hence its image, which is not only fresh and full of vitality, but also as light as the flight of the birds that soar through the skies over our Rioja Alta vineyards.

The guardian of the vineyard deserves his own wine, in a special edition of 2,333 bottles. With his cunning and wisdom, he protects our highlands at the foot of the Obarenes Mountains.

There, in the area of Corazabe, through lush forests and winding paths, among old vines, lies Finca La Esclavitud, a hermitage in the shape of a vineyard guard.

From its grapes we make an exceptional wine, deep, balanced and full of character. A tribute to the monastic cave of Visigothic times, where spirituality, nature and life are breathed.

Coraz de Puente del Ea is located in the unique setting of Corazabe, an area of hills and old vineyards very close to Sajazarra. Its old Tempranillo vines, the indigenous variety of the Rioja DOC, preserve all the richness of the land, an idyllic setting where flora and fauna can express themselves in their natural habitat.

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