Our greatest asset is our people, the value of the team that makes up the winery. Led since 2016 by Rodrigo Madrid, an agronomist who has worked in La Rioja since 2004, and with Riojan Ana Gonzalo as head winemaker, the project has taken on a new dimension with the arrival of Julien Viaud, an agronomist, viticulturist, winemaker and international consultant, known for his more than 15 years as part of Michel Rolland’s team.

He started working with us in 2019, with our winery being his first project in Rioja. He is the epitome of the new generation of consultants who are involved in both viticulture and oenology. By training and conviction, he is involved in the entire wine cycle, from vineyard management in the terroir to vinification, ageing and blending.

Most of his clients are in the Bordeaux region, but he also works in countries such as Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Lebanon and India. All produce premium and ultra-premium wines and are recognised as wines of the highest quality.

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