Hidden at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by wild oak woods, are vineyards with a special charm.
It is here that the grapes for our wines are born.

Puente del Ea represents the character of the northwestern triangle of Rioja. Our own winery, located on a hill at 520 metres above sea level, sheltered by the Obarenes Mountains and surrounded by 4 hectares of vineyards, reinforces the feeling of domination over the environment. Vineyards that border the mountains, terraces that rise to the sky, vines that give us high altitude wines.


The Puente del Ea vineyard is framed by an environment of special harmony, between the continental type plains and the wild environments of the Obarenes Mountains, occupied by forests of holm oaks, pines and oaks. In this natural setting inhabits a rich and diverse native fauna such as hares, roe deer and wild boars. Partridges, hawks and golden eagles fly over the landscape.



In this northwestern corner of Rioja, with its cold, continental winters, what makes the difference is the influence of the Atlantic climate.

The influx of this cooler, more vibrant influence defines our wines and provides a vigorous, agile structure and a very special balanced finesse.


The variety of soils in our vineyard brings balance and richness to the vines and the wines we make.

In terms of soil type, our vineyards have it all: very light clay-limestone soils, reddish clay-ferrous soils, dark alluvial soils and soils covered with rocks.

We work to maintain the traceability of the vineyards, which are specially selected for their low production and quality.



The Puente del Ea estate is located at the highest point of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin, at its westernmost end.

This privileged location, at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria, places us in the select club of mountain wines.

The high altitude and proximity to the mountains mean that our terroir is subject to strong winds and large temperature variations between day and night, which means that the grapes produce a greater quantity of polyphenols and the ripening cycle is prolonged.

These conditions give our wines a more intense colour and greater structural nuances.


Our wines are born of our land. We only work with indigenous grapes: Tempranillo, Garnacha and Viura. We let the grapes speak and express themselves in the glass.

Our cultivation is based on traditional practices, with the advantage of adopting all the latest knowledge.



We harvest by hand in crates, waiting for the optimum moment which, together with the use of the most advanced wine-making machinery, allows us to control all the winemaking processes.

We seek the essence of the fruit and the terroir of the area. We respect the grape varieties and age these wines in our French oak barrels.

We work with barrels that are less than 5 years old, which guarantees a high quality product. We also give priority to refining the wine in the bottle before marketing.

Production capacity: 210,000 bottles.

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